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18/07/2004 : oldnes 0.71 release

oldnes 0.71 released. Speed increases, PPU is now much better in terms of compatibility, better handling of mapper 1,2,3 and 4, lots of bug fixed... etc

29/05/2003 : oldnes 0.7 release

oldnes 0.7 was release. The major thing about it is a great speed increase.

29/03/2003 : oldnes 0.6b release

Not very good with cvs yet. As a result, the wrong files were put in the 0.6a release, witch fix a critical bug by the way.

28/03/2003 : oldnes 0.6 release

Version 0.6 of oldNES was release today. This is an GUI update more than anything else, so no compatibility improvements was made. oldNES is also becoming my end project for my engineering course, so more improvements is to be expected before the beginning of May.

22/01/2003 : linux release

So, Kdevelop is far from being usable with sdl, so i've deceided to make my own makefile instead and develop with a normal text editor. Anyway, i've put a linux version of oldnes on the download page if you want to have a look. For those who wants to compile it, there is 2 lines to edit in the makfile before you do so.

24/11/2002 : Win32 release

You can download the latest win32 version of oldNES. I have decided not to continue its developpement in the near future. I'm having trouble with kdevelop, so no linux snapshot yet. Might give a try to kdevelop 3.0 alpha 2 just to see if it doesnt screw up my makefiles again.

01/11/2002 : First post

Well, this site is finally up. I've put the source for the linux version on the cvs. You can find instructions on how to retrieve it here. I will release a stable snapshot of it soon.